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We would like to guide you through set-up and give you a basic overview! 


 Our project management software, Buildertrend helps us coordinate and communicate throughout your project. You'll have access to your very own portal where we’ll store documents, photos, specifications, schedules, current financials and more. Activating your Buildertrend account is free and easy and takes less than a minute.

Let's get started!

1.Accept Invitation

Once you've approved the Project Development Agreement or Project Proposal, your Project Manager will go to work to set-up and customize your portal and notify you once it is ready for you to activate.

You will receive an email from

with the subject: Stanley Dean Construction requests your participation

Click 'Accept' at the bottom of the email

2.Create a Username/Password

If a username and password was created for you by Stanley Dean Construction, you will be

asked to reset upon logging in the first time.


***Note: Buildertrend only allows ONE primary-user's credentials per portal. If more than one person (i.e. a spouse, partner, family member, etc.) has the authority to access and approve documents. Then the username and password will need to be shared for login.

3.Download Mobile App

Download the Buildertrend App to access on your Apple or Android mobile device.

4.Log in to Buildertrend on your computer

Tip: Bookmark this page to access it easily later on.

5. Learn more about the features of your Portal


Now that you have activated and logged into your account, please click this link to watch an instructional video to learn more about the functionality and features of your Owner's Portal. 

If you have any questions, contact us

or reach out to Buildertrend directly

at 1-877-309-0368.

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